Love is in the Air

Beautiful little gift tags for the one you love. It’s Valentine’s Day soon you know 😉


early morning fun

Mornings as of late have included about a half hour of Pokemon. Yes, there is a Pokemon show. I admit, I have been very hard pressed to watch more than 3 minutes of the aforementioned show for a few reasons:

1. I do not like Pokemon

2. I do not understand Pokemon.

3. I do not want to like or understand Pokemon.


However, the kids seems to enjoy it much as I enjoyed the occasional Saturday morning Super Friends show…and so I resign myself to letting them watch Pokemon.



But after my early morning run, on this day 2 of summer vacation, the tv was turned off. Only one show this morning, followed by some yummy mango&strawberry smoothies and then onto the real fun …

we are building a marble run!

Our son just had a birthday party and one of the gifts was an amazingly cool marble run (Hape Toys) from a friend. It is, without question, one of the coolest gifts he received and, of course, his older sister loves it also.



The kiddos have been upstairs for over an hour enjoying making two runs out of one. I am hoping for a joint collaboration later this summer. For now, however, I will take the peace and quiet this toy is affording me and do what I do best … enjoy my coffee, clean the kitchen, do some laundry and, well, you know the rest 🙂

a new day, a new summer

Having spent the past few weeks perusing many a blog, I find other moms in the same position as I am in … what to do with the kids this summer. And, perhaps I am looking for the answer by only finding the answer that I want to find. I have decided to go old school and cheap this summer with the kids. Okay, not my actual old school summer but the old school summer I wish I had experienced.  My old school summer break back in the 80s included VBS (Vacation Bible School), the odd community camp offered by the town, visits to the library and daily trips to our neighbourhood pool of which I participated in the swim team. We lived in a cul-de-sac which allowed the hours not filled by the aforementioned to be experienced in the circle of burning asphalt or under the shade trees in our yard. That was it. My mom was strict in not allowing my brother or me to watch tv. So that was it. That is what we had.

I have been fortunate to be home summers with the kids.  Admittedly we have travelled a lot when not settling into new homes when my husband is transferred because of a work assignment.  This summer is different for us however. This is our third summer in our home. We already took our big trip to visit friends and family in Germany having just returned a few days ago.  Most of the kids around here are in school for a few more days before summer break begins for them. Obviously we are ahead of the game in that respect. So … what to do with the kids for the next (almost) three months?  I have decided, like many another mom, to let the kids watch TV (thank goodness for the World Cup right now), have a camp (more on that later) and let the kids enjoy the outdoors. Did I mention we would enjoy having them quarrel and fight all day? Well, more on that later. Today we chose to enjoy a lovely walk in the ravine along with a swim in the creek.  When I say we I mean my daughter and dog.  Both were thrilled with the results.  There really is nothing better than filth, right?